Snow Days
The Academy of Dance follows the storm cancellation policies of the Biddeford & Wells school systems.   Snow cancellation notices appear on the Studio's website and Facebook page, and also on Channels 6, 8 & 13; you can also refer to these channels' websites for cancellation notices.  We will always assess the latest weather forecasts to determine whether the studios will remain open, but as a general rule of thumb we will close if schools are closed or after school activities are canceled due to bad weather.  Due to limited studio and teacher availability there are unfortunately no makeup classes for storm closures, however, students are welcome to make up any other recreational classes in the week following the closure (see Make Up policy below).

Make Up Classes
Students who miss a class for personal reasons may make up the class by prior arrangement with the studio.  The make up class must be taken no later than the end of the week following the missed class.  Make up classes can only be in the same or similar dance style, and subject to their being space in the class.  Please be aware that even "identical classes" (for example Pre-Dance on different days of the week) have different routines and choreography, so there will be parts of the class that the make up student may not be able to participate in.  There is no makeup for studio closures as a result of bad weather, holidays or school vacations.