The Academy of Dance Annual Fee Outline

This chart outlines all the dance fees for the season. It only includes the fees that will be charged to every Dancer during the year. It does not list any discretionary fees (shoes, dancewear, t-shirts, DVDs or pictures).


Fixed Fee

Variable Fee


Annual Registration ($20/family)

Monthly Tuition1


Recital Costume Deposit ($20/costume)

Monthly Tuition


Nutcracker Participation Fee ($15/dancer)2

Monthly Tuition


Recital Costume Balance3
Monthly Tuition


Monthly Tuition


Tights for Pictures / Comp / Recital4
Monthly Tuition


Monthly Tuition


Monthly Tuition


Monthly Tuition


Monthly Tuition

1 Tuition fees are calculated on an annual basis. For instance, a class charged at $35/month is calculated at $350/year. We then break that yearly fee up into 10 monthly installments (e.g. $35/month), no matter how many classes are actually scheduled that month. This explains tuition for months where we don't have a full month of classes (e.g. September and June), or there are vacations during the month.

2 The Nutcracker Performance fee is $15/dancer, no matter how many roles they perform in the show. The Participation Fee covers some of the cost of staging the production, including Costume Rentals, Backdrops, Sets, etc. The Peformance fee is only payable for Dancers taking part in the Nutracker. The cutoff for new students joining the Nutcracker is November 1 each year (by teacher's discretion).

3 The Recital Costume Balance is the cost of the Recital Costume less the $20 deposit already paid. Students joining after December 1 need to pay the entire costume fee at the time of registration. Every costume is priced differently. As of 2016, the average cost of a costume is about $55. The cutoff for new students joining the Recital is March 1 each year (subject to costume availability).

4 Every Student requires studio regulation Revolution brand tights for pictures and Recital. The tights requirements (color/type) vary by class. Prices start at $7.50 for a pair of children's footed tights.

Students joining our program after the start of the season can calculate their first payment:

If joining by 12/1: Registration Fee + First Month's Tuition + Recital Costume Deposit + Nutcracker Participation Fee (if joining by 11/1).

If joining after 12/1: Registration Fee + First Month's Tuition + Recital Costume Full Payment