Refer a Friend Program

If you refer a friend to the Academy of Dance, you will be rewarded with one month's free tuition. The conditions of this program are as follows:
  • when registering, the new student needs to specify the name of the family who referred them;
  • only one family can receive a referral bonus for every new family signing up;
  • the referring family will receive one month's tuition credited to their account 3 months after the new family's first month of registration;
  • the amount credited is the lesser amount of one month's tuition paid by either the new family or the referring family; 
  • if either family is on a reduced fee or promotion, the monthly amount is calculated by the average monthly tuition paid by that family over the entire dance year;
  • both the new family and the referring family's accounts must be in good standing (no fees over 30 days owing) for the referral credit to be awarded;
  • the maximum credit that can be earned for any one referral is $40;
  • the referral bonus is subject to the new family remaining at the Studio for at least three months. If the new family leaves before paying three months full tuition, the refer a friend credit will not be credited to the referring family's account.