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About the Petite Princess Sessions

Our Petite Princess sessions have been specifically designed to introduce preschoolers (2-5 yrs) to dance.

The teaching of dance has to be age appropriate. The most important thing a pre-schooler needs to learn is about themselves, their little bodies, and what they're capable of.  Until they get to know all their fingers, limbs, joints and their ranges of motion, they're not going to know how to put all those parts together into graceful movements!  That's why we use interactive props like a parachute. Just by doing simple activities like bouncing balls around and moving the parachute in different ways, kids learn about things like cause and effect (if you lift the parachute up the balls roll away), working together as a team (if you all walk the same direction the parachute and the people sitting in it will rotate), and timing (if we all lift the parachute up at the same time it will float in the air).

The philosophy of our Petite Princess Sessions is simple: to teach dance through fun and imagination.  By using familiar settings and themes like Beauty and the Beast, Under the Sea and Ballerina Princess we first immerse them in the experience, and the teach them fundamental dance technique and proper dance terminology while they are completely engaged.

The 10 week session follows an easy to follow cycle, with each theme lasting 2-3 weeks.  The craft at the start of the class is designed to engage the student in the theme, and the dance class then simply extends from there.  From start to finish the little ballerinas are part of the experience, so learning comes easily; it's just part of the overall experience.

The last 2 classes of each sessions are always themed Princess Ballerina.  This is when bring it all together and combine the techniques and elements we have learned throughout the session into a choreography piece to be performed at the end of the session.  Our Spring Petite Princess Sessions perform as part of our Studio's end of year Recital in June.

Students joining after the start of each session will have their session fee reduced by $10/week.

Click here to see the dress requirements for the Petite Princess Sessions.