Volunteering at the Children's Nutcracker

Hi Volunteers,

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you for volunteering your time to help run this year's Children's Nutcracker.  The show would be impossible to run without the help of our volunteers, both back stage and front of house, and for this we are immensely grateful.

We tried to be as specific as possible when we asked your volunteering preferences.  We want to place you in a position you're comfortable with, and at a time that suits you.  

As a volunteer, you are the public face of the Studio for the next 3 days, while a lot of the Studio staff will be scurrying behind the scenes, largely out of sight. You will encounter parents who are stressed, harried, and completely out of their comfort zone.  As much as possible, please treat them with kindness and patience, but at the same time be fair but firm.  You ultimately have the last say in any conflict.

Dressing Room / Wardrobe Helpers:  To help us keep all our costumes and avoid any nightmares, please ensure that dancers are given the correct size costume assigned to them, and that dancers are never to leave the dressing room in costume, except when taken by a runner to perform.  Under no circumstances should any costume items be removed from the dressing room.  If you have any problems or questions at any time, please speak to Andrea Spencer, the Dressing Room Supervisor for both shows.

If you are volunteering on Show Day and your arrival time is 10am or earlier for the morning show, or 3pm or earlier for the afternoon show, please use the side entrance (round the corner to the left of the main school entrance) to come into the venue, as the main doors will be locked.  We will signpost the route to the side entrance.

Please review the attached volunteer roster as soon as possible, and let us know of any conflicts or queries.  The schedule is made up of 3 sections:
  1. Volunteer Contact Details: All Volunteer names and also where they've been assigned to volunteer.  Please check the 'Volunteering For' and 'Dress Rehearsal?" columns next to your name so you know where you're volunteering (Thursday/Friday/Sat morning / Sat afternoon), and then look on the appropriate schedule/s for your assignment
  2. Dress Rehearsal Volunteers: Dress Rehearsal only has volunteers in the Dressing Rooms.  Dressing Room Volunteers should work together to make sure all costumes are handed out and returned correctly.  Dress Rehearsal runs at a gentler pace than the shows, so fewer volunteers are needed.  Check the time period you've been assigned and please remain in the Dressing Room helping for this period.
  3. Show Day Volunteers: Very specific volunteering positions for everyone.  Each position has a description of the duties involved, and also the latest time you should take your position.  If there is a ** before your name, this means that you have been assigned more than 1 position; please check the list carefully for all your assignments.
This year we have volunteer aprons for all our volunteers (except box office) to distinguish themselves to our guests.  When you arrive to volunteer, please sign in at the concession table and take an apron.  Please remember to return the apron before you leave.

Our volunteer coordinator, Miss Hayley, will be contacting you all personally to make sure you understand the assignments.

Once again, thank you so much for your help.

Dec 16, 2015, 10:24 PM