How to Make Sure You See Our Email

The Academy of Dance sends out regular news and important announcements by email.  These emails contain important information that we think Studio parents should read.  Unfortunately, a lot of emails end up in Spam/Junk/Promotions folders, and may be missed. 

If you suspect some or all our emails are not reaching you, it may be because your email provider marks them as Spam or as a less important message.  For most email providers, the best way to guarantee that all messages from a specific sender reach your inbox is to add that sender to your address book.  All important messages from the Academy of Dance come from If an important message has ended in your Spam folder you can also highlight the message and then click the button marked "Not Spam / Not Junk" or similar.

If you're a Gmail user, Gmail has a system where all email is either marked as Primary, Social (e.g. Facebook updates) or Promotions (deals and specials from stores and online sellers). Quite often our messages to gmail users end up in the Promotions tab, which is not the best place for them.  You will only automatically see messages in your Primary tab, and you have to specifically open the Promotions tab to view message there. To make sure all our newsletters go straight to your Primary tab, find our email under your Promotions tab, and drag and drop it to the Primary tab.  Then click 'Yes' to do the same for all future messages from

For instructions on how to get all our emails for other email providers, click on one of the links below:
If you are still unable to find our emails at all, please let us know so that we can investigate further.