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Spring 2016 Workshops & Parties

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Spring 2016 Workshops & Parties

The Academy of Dance offers a series of FREE workshops and parties throughout the year to introduce new students to dance.  Our current events are listed below.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Party

For 3 - 5 Year Olds

Click Here for Details and to Register


Circus Themed Acro or Hip Hop Workshop

For 6-10 Year Olds

Click Here for Details and to Register


Variety Dance Class - Explore Different Dance Styles

For 11+ Years

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The Importance of Play in Pre-School Dance

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Parachute Play in Pre-School Dance

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of play when it comes to dance for pre-schoolers.  Too many parents expect their little ones to take dance class and straight away begin the path to becoming a prima ballerina; learning ballet positions, correct poise and turnout from the youngest age.  We consider dance an education, just like learning in a formal schooling setting.  In the 3-5 pre-school age range many kids attend pre-school or play group, where almost without exception the emphasis is on learning through play.  Whether it's songs we sing to learn the alphabet, or learning to count by playing with blocks, kids of a young age learn most when playing and interacting with their immediate surroundings.

So it should be with dance.  Yes, we want them to learn rhythm and technique and dance choreography, but at the pre-school age they still need to learn about themselves, their little bodies, and what they're capable of.  Until you get to know all your fingers, limbs, joints and their ranges of motion, you're not going to know how to put all those parts together into graceful movements.  That's why we "play" with things like the parachute.  Just by doing simple activities like bouncing balls around and moving the parachute in different ways, kids learn - albeit subconsciously - about things like cause and effect (if you lift the parachute up the balls roll away), working together as a team (if you all walk the same direction the parachute and the people sitting in it will rotate), and timing (if we all lift the parachute up at the same time it will float in the air).

The short video shows a selection of parachute activities from one of our recent Princess Parties.  If kids have fun while learning, they'll want to come back to have more fun (and learn dance as a welcome consequence!).  And that sums up our pre-school teaching philosophy at the Academy of Dance.

New Wells Studio Announced

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Academy of Dance is now also in Wells! 

One of York County's largest Dance Studios now has a second location in Wells. Classes start September 14, with a full program of classes offered including Mummy & Me, Pre-Dance, Tap, Clogging, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Irish Step, Acro Dance, Flamenco and Cheer Dance.

Visit us on one of our Open House dates:
- Thurs Aug 20th 11am - 1pm
- Weds Aug 26th 5 - 7pm 
- Tues Sept 1st 4 - 6pm
- Tues Sept 8th 4 - 6pm

We are also offering FREE workshops throughout August for those new to dance:
- Princess Party for 3 - 6 Year Olds
- Summer Dance Workshop for 6 - 10 Year Olds

Click on for more info

Academy of Dance
45 Wells Plaza #9 (Near Reny's)
Route 1, Wells, ME 04090

New Wells Storefront

The new Wells Storefront

Summer Camp 2015 Best EVER!

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Summer Camp 2015

View our Summer Camp 2015 Highlights video to see why the Academy of Dance has absolutely the best Summer Camp around. 

You will be outside in the sunshine , you will swim, do crafts, play fun lawn games, and yes, you will even dance 💃 too!! 

Full Day campers take awesome field trips to the beach 🌊 and kayaking on the Saco River.

While other Camps have their Campers stuck indoors longing for the sunshine, we make the best of our great Maine summers!

Click here to find out more about Summer Camp and to sign up for news on next year's Camp.

3 Tips for Moms to Help Their Pre-Schooler Love Dance

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In over 20 years of teaching kid's dance classes, I often hear the same question from parents: “What can we practice at home to help my child enjoy dance and become a better dancer?”

We've created 3 fun activities for you to do with your pre-schooler to help her LOVE dance! Without any dance experience yourself, you'll help her build and maintain a passion for dance.

 - Download and read this informative and helpful guide written by our Studio Director, Caroline Varney, that outlines activities you can do with your pre-schooler to help her foster a love of dance.  Craft activities, books to read, and games to play.  Perfect mommy-daughter time too!

Summer 2015 Workshops

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Summer Fun

Hi Parents,
We hope you've all had a great summer so far.  We've been really busy.  We had a great Summer Camp this year, and if you haven't heard yet, we're opening a new location in Wells.  More news on that soon.. (although you can read the announcement and comments here)

We're running a series of Dance Workshops this month alongside our Open Houses.  They're short and fun and combine a dance-related craft with an energetic themed dance class.  We have two different workshops running:
  • Princess Dance Party for 3 - 6 year olds, which includes a wand and tiara craft followed by a princess dance class;
  • Summer Dance Workshop for 6 - 10 year olds.  We're clinging onto the last days of summer as we do a beach themed craft and dance class
These workshops were designed for new students to introduce them to dance and the Studio, but we have opened them up to existing students too.  So, that's it, you're invited! It will be great if you can come (and please excuse us if we ask you to shift dates to keep numbers even).

Just click on the location and workshop type you'd like to attend for details and to register.  

See you soon!

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