Terms and Conditions of Registration

By signing the Academy of Dance LLC Registration form or electronically signing (e-signing) the Online Registration you agree to the following policies, which are available on request from the Studio:

Tuition Fee Policy

Payment is due on the first class day of each month, one month in advance. Tuition is calculated on an annual basis, and is payable in 10 convenient monthly installments from September to June. A late fee of $15 per month per account is payable for fees not paid by the first class of each month. You understand that you can set up a Credit Card auto pay plan or submit 10 post-dated checks at the start of the program to avoid late fees.

Explanation of monthly tuition fees: Tuition for every class is calculated on an annual basis. For instance, a class charged at $40/month is calculated at $400/year. We then break that yearly fee up into 10 monthly installments, so $40/month. Our annual tuition is based on at least 33 classes per year, so this works out at about $12/class. Charging tuition in this way gets rid of having to account for variation in the number of classes each month (i.e. charging less in a month where there are fewer classes, or charging more for months where there are 5 classes). This also explains tuition in months where we don't have a full month of classes (e.g. September and June).

Withdrawal From the Program

Withdrawal from the program requires one calendar month's written notice. Written notice can be given by regular mail or email only. You will be liable for tuition fees for one calendar month after notice is received. There is no prorating or refunds of tuition owed during the notice period.

Account Credits and Fees Due During Notice Period: If you have given notice of withdrawal, any fees you have already paid or are due to be paid through the end of your notice period are still due, and are not refundable. This includes monthly tuition fees, participation fees, costume deposits, dancewear orders and any other miscellaneous fees. Any credits on your account from fundraising activities may be used to pay for outstanding fees on your account. At the end of your notice period, if you still have a credit on your account it will be dealt with as follows: if the credit is as a result of overpayment on your account, we will issue you a check for the credit amount. If the credit on your account is as a result of fundraising credits that have been applied to your account, that credit will remain on your account to be used should you ever return to the Studio. Fundraising credits cannot be paid out in cash, as these funds were never paid by you in the first place. This can be compared to receiving a store credit rather than a refund.

Competition Class Policy

Participation in competition classes requires teamwork and dedication, working towards the competition season at the end of the year. Dance routines and placements are choreographed early in the year; withdrawal causes extreme hardship for the teacher and students as the choreography will need extensive reworking. Out of fairness to fellow students, enrollment in a Competition Class requires commitment for the entire 10 month program. Even if you withdraw, you will be liable for tuition payments through June of the current dance season.

Release of Liability

You have enrolled the above-mentioned student in a program of strenuous physical activity offered by The Academy of Dance. In consideration of yourself, and the registered student's participation in this studio, your for yourself, your heirs and assigns, release The Academy of Dance, the owner Amanda Braley, her family or employees from any liability now or in the future from any injury, however caused, occurring before, during or after participation in the programs offered at the Academy of Dance, or at any time while in the vicinity of the premises of the above-stated business or in any activity sponsored, represented or organized by the Academy of Dance.

Talent Release

You release the ownership and usage rights of any digital image of the above-mentioned student, including video and still photography, taken by or on behalf of the Academy of Dance, and permit these images to be used in marketing and promotional material used by The Academy of Dance or any other legal entity owned or controlled by Amanda Braley.

Recital Costume Policy

Recital Costume fees are due on receipt. Costumes will be ordered in December and will not be passed out until they are paid for in full. There are no returns on costumes. Size exchanges are allowed, but may be subject to an exchange fee.

Check Return Policy

$35 will be charged to your account if a check is returned to us unpaid.

Snow Days

The Academy of Dance follows the storm cancellation policies of the Biddeford & Wells school systems. Snow cancellation notices appear on the Studio's website and Facebook page, and also on Channels 6, 8 & 13; you can also refer to these channels' websites for cancellation notices. We will always assess the latest weather forecasts to determine whether the studios will remain open, but as a general rule of thumb we will close if schools are closed or after school activities are canceled due to bad weather. Due to limited studio and teacher availability there are unfortunately no makeup classes for storm closures, however, students are welcome to make up any other recreational classes in the week following the closure (see Make Up policy below).

Make Up Classes

Students who miss a class for personal reasons may make up the class by prior arrangement with the studio. The make up class must be taken no later than the end of the week following the missed class. Make up classes can only be in the same or similar dance style, and subject to their being space in the class. Please be aware that even "identical classes" (for example Pre-Dance on different days of the week) have different routines and choreography, so there will be parts of the class that the make up student may not be able to participate in. There is no makeup for studio closures as a result of bad weather, holidays or school vacations.