Thirty-One Fundraiser

*** Click Here for Online Ordering ***

Thirty-One is our final catalog fundraiser for the year. All orders are due back in the Studio or Online by the end of the last class on Tuesday November 28th.

Please take note of the tax and shipping requirements on the order form: shipping is charged at 8% of the subtotal, and Sales Tax of 5.5% is payable on the total including shipping. All orders are delivered to the Studio; customers can have their orders shipped directly to them for an additional $4 (see the Order Form for details).  Click here for a helpful
5.5% Sales Tax and 8% Shipping Table.

One order form is required per customer. Fill out the customer's name, address and phone numbers at the top of the form (Guest Name). Make sure you write your student's name on the order form (use the 'Hostess Name' field). Be sure to total up correctly including Product Subtotal, 8% Delivery Charge and Sales Tax at 5.5%. You can download and print extra Order Forms here.

Thirty-One orders are payable by cash or Credit Card directly to Thirty-One (by filling out payment details on the order form) or by check payable to The Academy of Dance. You will get 20% of your Thirty-one order total (excluding tax and shipping) as fundraising commission.

You can also choose to place all of your orders online. The advantage of this is that you will receive your items sooner and you can be 100% sure of your order details (like bag print options and personalization details). Online orders automatically include shipping to your address (8% of the order total plus $4), and Sales Tax. If you have multiple customers, they can choose to have their items delivered directly to them (for $4 each), or you can consolidate everyone's orders into a single order that's delivered directly to you (for a flat $4 fee).

Online Ordering

Thirty-one online ordering is not designed for a fundraising sale, so there is a very specific procedure you and your customers must follow to ensure you get all your commission for your online sales:

  • Go to

  • Select and add your items to your basket, completing any personalization options

  • Complete the checkout process

  • When you have completed the checkout process you will receive a confirmation email for your order. You must forward this order confirmation email to with the name of the Dancer you are supporting. Without this information we will not know who to credit the sale to.

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