Celebrate 2017 Recital Resources

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The Recital Performance details are as follows:

Saturday June 10 at the Biddeford Middle School Performing Arts Center.
Morning Show: 11am
Afternoon Show: 3pm  

Click here to view the assignment of routines for each show.

Click here to view the FINAL LINEUPS for each show:

Dress Rehearsal is at the same venue on the afternoon and evening of Thursday June 8 and Friday June 9.  Click here for the FINAL Dress Rehearsal Schedule (v2).

Purchase tickets online at www.bit.ly/2017AODrecital

Ticket prices are:

  • Adults, Children and Students: $15 (plus $1.85 convenience fee)

  • Infants Under 3: Free (on lap)

You will need a credit or debit card to buy tickets. If you do not have access to a debit or credit card, please contact us and we will buy tickets on your behalf (payment will need to be in cash, and tickets will only be booked at the time of payment):

Tickets are delivered by email, and are printed at home much like an airline Boarding Pass.  Please make sure you use the correct email address when purchasing tickets.

See the Ticketing FAQ below for more ticketing info.

There are no limits to how many tickets you can purchase.

Tickets will be available at the door on the day of the show, however, we expect the venue to be filled close to capacity, so we cannot guarantee availability of tickets on the day.

Ticketing FAQs

Who needs a ticket to view the show?

Everyone admitted into the auditorium needs a ticket. This includes students, parents, siblings, friends, etc. The only exception to this is infants under 3 who may sit on a parent's lap without a ticket. Students and parents do not need a ticket to get to the dressing rooms. No viewing is possible from the backstage area.

What about my Dancer taking part in the show. Does she need a ticket?

Yes, if she wants to watch the show. Students in our Petite Princess 10 Week Session will receive 1 free ticket each.

Can I leave my Dancer backstage while I watch the show?

Unlike the Nutcracker show, which is largely volunteer-driven, the Recital relies on a skeleton crew of staff and volunteers. There is NO babysitting or childminding service backstage. Every parent is responsible for getting their own dancer dressed and made up, and checked in backstage for their performance 3 numbers before their routine. The dancer is picked up backstage immediately following their routine. Exact drop off and pick up points will be clearly signposted on the day, and your dancer will be under the direct supervision of Studio staff or helpers between drop off and pick up.

What if I need wheelchair or other accessible seating?

The venue has a number of seats specially set aside for guests with special seating requirements and their companions. If you require special seating these can be booked online, or call Shovation on 1-844-732-4825 for assistance.

What is the ticket exchange and refund policy?

All ticket sales are final, however, tickets may be refunded on the day of purchase. Tickets may be exchanged for tickets of the same or greater value. Please contact call Shovation on 1-844-732-4825 (business hours) for all refund/exchange queries.

I have a problem with my order / My credit card number won't work / I have a discount code that doesn't work

If you have any questions or problems with ticketing, please call Shovation on 1-844-732-4825 (business hours).

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