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Description of Dance Classes and Required Dancewear

Appropriate dancewear and the correct footwear is required for all classes.  Jeans or jeggings are not permitted in any class.  Please do not wear street shoes in the studio.  Items marked with * are regulation style and must be ordered from the studio.

Combo Classes
A number of our classes are offered as Combo classes (e.g. Tap/Ballet. 
Combination classes combine a number of different dance styles; each style is taught independently. Combination classes are a great opportunity to expose a student to a variety of different styles before specializing in any one dance in later years.  See individual dance styles for a description of each style.

Acro Dance
This is the perfect class for students who can't choose between Dance & Gymnastics! Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control. This class focuses on fundamental acrobatic techniques like handstands, chin stands and cartwheels. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility and strength while still learning dance. For our younger students (3-6 yrs) the acrobatics element teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control, while dance introduces rhythm, placement and turnout.
Leotard (or biketard/unitard, not skirted), shorts (optional), black leather gymnastics shoes*

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. We teach the basic concepts, while students learn ballet terminology, correct placement and turnout. Ballet is graceful and a wonderfully fun way to work out.
Leotard, skirt (tutu), tights, prima pink ballet slippers* Hair in a Bun

Dance with Me (aka Mummy & Me)
Adult and toddler joint participation in this class helps foster the bond and provides the best introduction to dance imaginable. Basic dance skills such as skipping and plies are introduced, and the focus of the class is to develop physical coordination, a love of dance and music in a friendly, fun and social environment. As the students grow more comfortable in the studio environment they will be encouraged to try some exercises on their own in preparation for pre-dance.
Leotard, pink footed tights, prima pink ballet slippers* (dancers only).  Adults can wear any comfortable clothing.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an updated fusion of 'Street Funk' and 'Street Dance' performed to popular music. It is an energetic form of dance that allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. Hip Hop is very popular with both boys and girls and is one of the biggest dance forms in the studio.
Comfortable, appropriate dancewear (no jeans), black ultra-arch dance sneakers*

Jazz class is a fun, fast-paced mixture of various techniques. Throughout history Jazz Dance has developed in parallel to the popular music of the day, with the dance being a physical embodiment of the music. Classes include basic body isolations and coordination routines.
Black jazz or yoga pants or shorts, t-shirt, tan lace-up or pull-on jazz shoes*

Lyrical dance aims to interpret the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way. Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It is a very elegant dance form, characterized by fluidity and grace. Lyrical is growing to be one of our most popular classes at The Academy of Dance.
Leotard, tights, tan lyrical sandals*

Musical Theater
Bring the exciting world of Broadway to life! This class introduces the basic principles of vocal and theater techniques, styles and performance. Students learn how to act and move as if they were in a musical. Our program helps in the development and growth of your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Classes consist of a combination of singing, dance, theater monologues, acting games and exercises.
Comfortable, appropriate dancewear (no jeans), black ultra-arch dance sneakers* or black split sole jazz shoes*

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is an introduction to basic ballet. This class is the perfect way for students to acquire a well-rounded foundation in dance, and a chance to explore all dance forms. The foundations of ballet (position of feet and arms, barre work and choreography) are taught in a fun and creative way. Students work independently from their parents.
Leotard, tights, prima pink ballet slippers*

Rhythm & Move

This class focuses on pairing basic movements with rythem and sound. Dancers will learn the basic fundamental movement techniques and how we pair then with music and beats.
Leotard, shorts or yogo type pants, tights, prima pink ballet slippers*

Tap dance is one of the greatest 'feel good' dances you'll ever encounter. It makes everyone smile and is quite mesmerizing when done well. Our classes are often taught to 'show tunes', and in no time you'll be mastering the basics.
Comfortable, appropriate dancewear (shorts, T-shirt, sweatpants, yoga pants), tan/black tap shoes*


This high energy class is for kids and adults alike. POUND! is a fun way to introudce fitness at a young age or to stay in shape. With the use of Ripstix you will "drum" to the fun and catchy songs while working the muscles of the body.
shorts, T-shirt, sweatpants, yoga pants

* these items are regulation and need to be purchased from the Academy of Dance